Shine On: Inside all of us,
there’s a light waiting to shine

Everyone deserves a chance to shine. But challenges can dim people’s potential.

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is excited to highlight four YMCA members and how they have overcome a variety of challenges with the support of the charity over the years through a series of videos*.

*All videos were filmed during COVID-19 and followed government regulations and safety protocols.

Suzette Shines On

A health and fitness member since 2001 and now a volunteer Arriba instructor, Suzette shares her experience with the YMCA of Greater Toronto, and how the charity became a second home for her & her family.

“The moment I stepped out of my comfort zone was the moment I truly started to shine.” – Suzette

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Moses Shines On

YMCA member since 2016 and now Newcomer Youth Leadership Development Program mentor, Moses shares his progress and success in the program through support and positivity.

“I found skills I never knew I had and it gave me a type of support that I didn't have anywhere else.” – Moses

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Emmanuel Shines On

Licensed personal support worker Emmanuel shares his experience at YMCA Sprott House and the positive impact it’s had on his mental health and personal growth.

“At YMCA Sprott House, I found my people – a community I could call my own.” – Emmanuel

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Jacqueline Shines On

Long-time volunteer Jacqueline shares her experiences at the Y – from going to summer camp as a child to contributing as a Brampton Y volunteer today.

“It feels like every time I go, I’m going home.” – Jacqueline

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